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Ghost House.

My second model. Do not judge strictly.
Rendered and composed in blender with quixel assets.
This house was a castle in the center of Stavropol. Built in the 19th century. According to one of the surviving legends, one of the Georgian princesses, who became the second queen Tamara, built the castle, and the shadows of her murdered lovers have not left the house. Later, the new owner rented out the upper-floor rooms to some monks who frighten the other inhabitants of the house with black cassocks with hoods. One of the guests was the millionaire and the “bread king” of the Caucasus Aga Bali Guliyev, who used the mansion to meet with his mistresses Several sad pages were written in the history of this house during the years of Soviet power. Initially, officers of the Wild Division, who fought in Denikin’s army, killed more than 30 Red Army soldiers in the hospital.